Hi, I’m Chi 👋🏻

Welcome to my blog, new readers and old! I hope you find this blog helpful in your journey of learning about deep learning and computer vision.

I dislike introducing myself as I believe my work defines who I am. I like training neural networks and writing a lot of code. I feel best when I am writing code in my code editor. I believe artificial intelligence has the potential to solve any human problem in the 21st century. In other words, AI is the new oxygen in the modern world.

😄I also enjoy these things

  • Playing a Go game.
  • Reading research papers on neuroscience.
  • Listening to music and podcasts.
  • Reading books about artificial intelligence (AI) and science fiction.

🧐 Some Things About Me

  • I don't like people who talk a lot without knowing what they're talking about.
  • My highest education is 9th grade.
  • I don't like people who sell cheap courses that don't teach anything.
  • I like Torrent’, ‘Google, and ‘DuckDuckgo’ because it’s helped me a lot in my studies.
  • English is not my native language, so I sometimes find it difficult to understand some topics.
  • I donate 15% of my profits to charity each year.

It’s My Writing Help You Deep Learning

I write not you, I write so I understand — Chi

My goal is to help One person in the world. I know it’s tough but I try my best. I respect my and other people's time, so when I write something my goal is to help you.

Thanks for reading. I hope you know who I am, If not this is not a big problem. Most of all I am a person who believes AI is the power in the 21st century when someone doesn’t understand this power they miss the magic stick🪄.

🎯 My Life Goal

  • Build a school where anyone can learn AI and Finance without any financial barriers.